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Swarm Catchers and Member Services

We are in the process of rebuilding the swarm catchers listing. Members need to register for instructions on how to be added.

Also, the Department of Agriculture will be posting a link to this list on their website.

Before contacting a beekeepers know that Swarms are clusters of bees hanging on a tree limb, a fence, or something of that nature. Beekeepers will almost always remove them free of charge.
A cutout, however, is like it sounds. Cutouts are inside of walls, roof soffits, or hollow trees.
Cutouts require a lot of labor and there is usually a charge for removing the bees.

Also, note that this listing is provided as a courtesy and OSBA does not endorse or accept any liability of the products, services, or actions of beekeepers in the listing.

Name Service Area
Swarms  Cutouts 
Honey Sales
Other Products
Pollinator Services Bee Sales
Randy Benefield
Ada Area  Yes -
 Yes  Wax  -  Yes
Richard Henry State - Oklahoma  405-519-1342  Yes  Yes  Yes Beeswax Products   Yes  Yes
Ron Burkard NW OKC  Yes
 -  -  -  -  -
Brian Royal
Central Oklahoma  -  -  - Nucs  -  Yes
Jimmy Shobert NW Oklahoma  Yes  -  Yes Beeswax Products
 -  Yes
Robert Holliday Marshall, Bryan, Johnston  580-920-8421  Yes  -  Yes  -  Yes  Yes 
Caroline Baker OKC,Metro, Norman, Moore  405-924-8010  Yes  Yes -
 -  -  -
Stephen Smith Oklahoma County  405-248-7258   Yes  Yes  Yes  Equipment  Yes  Yes
Mike Favors Edmond/OKC  405-642-0065  Yes  -  Yes  -  -  -
Tiffany Baxter
Statewide  405-887-3066  Yes  Yes  -  -  Yes  -
Dannie Ramming
SW Oklahoma 580-606-0563   Yes  -  -  -  -  -
Jay Silver Greater OKC Metro  405-464-0773   Yes  -  Yes  -  -  -
Randy King
North Central
 Yes  -  Yes  -  -  -
John Storm
Norman/Goldsby  405.202.4643  Yes  -      -